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Tennessee Inheritance Tax Repealed

The Tennessee legislature repealed Tennessee’s inheritance tax, effective as of January 1, 2016. This means that if you can survive until 2016, you will not owe any Tennessee inheritance taxes. If you die before that date, you will owe taxes if your taxable estate exceeds the following exemption levels:










Since the tax still applies until 2016, Wills of married persons should still establish Tennessee QTIP Trusts. This will avoid tax at the first death. As long as the surviving spouse survives at least until 2016, the Tennessee inheritance tax will be permanently eliminated.

There are a lot of existing Tennessee QTIP Trusts (sometimes referred to as Tennessee Gap Trusts) for married individuals who died over the last few years or chose to make a gift to such a trust. These trusts are irrevocable and cannot be modified to add the children as beneficiaries or to change the income payout requirements for the spouse. Depending on the terms of the trust, it may be possible to distribute corpus of the trust to the spouse. Unfortunately, due to the instability of the federal estate tax laws, it would be imprudent to distribute assets from a TN QTIP trust to the spouse. As of January 1, 2013, the federal estate tax exemption is scheduled to be only $1 million. Distributing assets from the Tennessee QTIP Trust might increase federal estate taxes payable by the spouse’s estate.

The elimination of the Tennessee inheritance tax will eventually simplify estate planning for our clients. However, for the next four years, we must pay attention to this tax.